what is affiliate marketing

Welcome probably you landed here because you aren’t quite sure with the whole affiliate marketing thing. Well I asure you that you came at the right place ,this 360 word article will definitely come to your aid. May be you have heard of people earning decent pay from affiliate marketing and perhaps you are asking if its true or it works. Actually you can make it your life time income.

Affiliate marketing basically is an online business where you advertise products on your web page or social media page well known as creating traffic.

How affiliate marketing works.

Affiliate marketing is majorly based on three core relations which are mutually dependent to each other. Which are advertisers ,publishers and consumers. Advertisers or affiliates are founded on companies and many more.

NOTE: These companies are ready to pay commission to people who are prepared to promote their business.


This is an individual or a company that promotes the affiliated (advertiser) product or services in exchange of earning commission . Here is where all the income comes in . All that is needed is to create a profile with an affiliate company ,then you will be provided with a URL(a special referee link) that you use to create traffic. You are probably asking how companies track record of sent traffic and making sales. Here is where the URl comes in ,the special link keeps track of all sales activity and traffic on your site or promotion techniques.

If your readers buy anything through your affiliate link you get a certain percent % of commission from the company. Every affiliate program has a TOS. A 60 day cookie period is given ,in simple terms if the visitors uses your affiliate link to land on the sale page of the company with in the 60 day period you are entitled to a commission.You can also learn how start affiliate marketing