How to start an online business with no money


The greatest thing with starting an online business is that what you only need is a smart phone, laptop and beyond making sure you’re registered as a business entity, all you need to get going is a home office, and even that isn’t strict requirements.

Talking about capital, online business is the most affordable business you can ever start. Some of these online businesses don’t require any capital at all. For example you can start up a website or a blog for free.ohh! Don’t worry you don’t need any programming or coding skills. You can create your own website or blogs with wix or wordpress they provide a free platform where you can build your site for free.

And this is just but a start of the many online business start up solutions. Let’s consider four ways you can make money online with little or no cost at all.

  1. Drop shipping


This is an online business that you don’t need to maintain large inventory of products or handle any delivery to your customers.

The most amazing thing is that it eliminates the financial cost and the risk of having a full ware house which might not sell. All that is required is to set an online store or build a website that promotes your products or even sell your product on already known platforms like E bay, Amazon and etc.

In simple explanation, here is how drop shipping works

  • List your products for sale on your website or a platform like Amazon, E bay, Esty and etc.

Then a customer purchases an item from your store at retail price.

  • Then you purchase the product from a third-party company (usually the manufacturer or the wholesaler) for a lower price.
  • Your drop shipper or wholesaler sends the product to the customer.

Easy right! The great thing about drop shipping is that:

  • It’s easy to set to setup a store.
  • You don’t have to worry about inventory.
  • There are minimal risks as the seller.
  • There millions of products you can sell.
  • It’s possible to have a drop shipping business anywhere in the entire world.

It’s important that you find reputable drop shipper, who you can always count on for timely delivery, quality products and provide great customer satisfaction.

  1. Blogging

online business

Do you find some subjects interesting to you? Why not start blogging.

The most interesting thing is that you don’t need a website. You can always start with the free tools and working space offered by blogger.

And you think blogging is all about writing? Well you are wrong. Blogging is a vast island; you can post photos, videos, links for other websites, news reporting writing celebrity gossip and etc.

Well I can guess your next question might be, How do I earn money? There different ways you can make money through blogging.

  1. Affiliate marketing; you must have heard of this, affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way you can earn money online. All you have to do is to add the product’s advertisement to your blog site then earn a commission every time somebody  buys the product, easy right! Check how you can be successful in affiliate marketing.
  2. Google adsense; these is pay per click, how exciting? Here Google pays you every time somebody clicks on the advertisement in your site.

So I guess you’re ready to start blogging. if yes here are a few successful blogging tips.

  • Be engaging, if your is blog is boring no one will read it.
  • Post quality content regularly.
  • Be genuine, don’t make money the main objective but be a problem solver
  1. Making online videos

online business

This is one of the online businesses with the highest fully unexplored potential.

Unlike the past more internet users are going to video sharing sites to watch their favorite shows, funny videos, video tutorials and etc

Making online videos doesn’t require much capital, all you need is a good HD camera, (which may also work with your smart phone), a good editing software and  platform to show case your video i.e YouTube.

Just to make this clear you are not creating a viral video, although if it does go world wide and is seen by millions, that’s a good thing to. But hey, why go through the hustle. Create a useful content keeping in mind the SEO requirements and grow the number of views naturally.

So how do you earn?

There various ways you can make money through this online business.

  • Earn from advertisements in your videos.
  • Get paid by the number of views.
  • Get paid for downloads your videos.
  • Create commissioned videos. (you get paid for responding to request of specific types of videos )
  • Earn money by producing videos for others
  • Get paid if your videos are featured
  • Sell your videos on demand.
  1. Online forex trading

online business

What is forex?

Forex is also known as foreign exchange, Fx or currency trading.

Basically the forex market is where, businesses, banks, individual investors and traders come to exchange or speculate on currency. This is one of the online businesses that you can earn  up to 500USD a day. There are forex trading companies that give free startup bonus up to 1000USD. An example is instaforex, start trading today.