How to lose weight at home in a short time

How to lose weight at home in a short time

How to lose weight at home in a short time

How to lose weight at home in a short time

There are actually many ways to lose weight in a short period of time.However  most of them are discomforting and unsatisfying. This article will show you how to lose weight in more friendly and efficient way. So check out how you can loose weight in the simple steps.


  • Eat a high protein breakfast.


How to lose weight at home in a short time

Beginning your day with a high  protein breakfast  actually is the first step  to losing weight. It is found that when people ate breakfast consisting of 35 grams of protein they felt less hungry. Hence they ate less and gained less fat.

Authors  note : skipping the first meal  of the day is a major mistake you can  ever make.

Don’t worry about the 35 grams, it is estimated that a fully grown Adult can only take or absorb 30 grams of protein at one sitting. So its recommended to take a closer figure of around 20 to 25 grams at breakfast.

  • Examples of food containing  proteins
  1. Smoked salmon toast (26g)
  2. Egg scramble (25g)
  3. Geek yogurt parfait (26g)
  • Eat soluble fibre

Soluble fibre : This is a sponge like fibre  that absorbs excess cholesterol and toxins. Where else insoluble fibre is more brush like which ‘scours’ the intestinal tract clean.

Fibre  does 4 special things that aid in weight loss.

  1. Fibre helps you reduce caloric in take because it curbs your appetite.
  2. It also reduce the absorption of calories from the food you eat. this referred to as the fibre flush.
  3. fibre -rich foods are low-energy-density  foods.This means that you get  to eat  a lot  of fibre -rich  food without a lot of calories.
  4. Fibre slows down your body’s conversion of carbohydrate to sugar this helps you lose weight
  • Examples of food containing fibre.

Oatmeal,nuts,beans, apples and blueberries.

How to lose weight at home in a short time

  • Drink water

Water may be the most  underatted nutrients especially when it comes to weight loss. Water boosts your caloric  burn period hence this prevents the accumulation of calories of calories in the body.

Hunger cues : water also helps you heed hunger cues, in other terms water makes you feel full. Often times ,we might  think we’re hungry  but we’re just thirsty. This prevents you from taking to much food in the course of the day.

Taking water also solves most of the skin problems.


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