How to have a wrinkle free face

How to have a wrinkle free face

Thanks to the big minds in our century where they have discovered so many ways to live young even at your late70s.So thinking of magic bullet? Not really. Scientist came up with a simple list of things to increase your Longevity. You wanna live long? Let’s begin.

How to have a wrinkle free face


Well ever thought of taking live bacteria as your best meal, sounds gross right. Actually what I mean fermented food stuffs such as yoghurt, fermented milk, keirfir, probiotic supplements and many more. These food stuffs contain live culture or probiotics which are all “good” bacteria. It is estimated that yoghurt increases your longevity by 45%.

How to have a wrinkle free face

Yoghurt contains high levels of protein and calcium perfect ingredient for long living. In addition live culture which are present in yoghurt act as neutralizing agents to toxins and block out other toxins from production. Scientist found out that anti-inflammatory effects can also be highly beneficial for our skin.

How to have a wrinkle free face

Both internal and external use have unique effects on the skin in significant ways, not only as an anti –aging but also prevent chronic skin conditions such as acne, rasacea and eczema.


After a workout five to ten minutes cold bath acts as cool therapy that helps the body speed up your healing time of tiny muscles tears that are essential during exercise. Sudden change in body temperature helps to circulate blood, flush out toxins and waste products. Cold therapy also reduces Swellings and any further tissue damage (breakdown).


How to have a wrinkle free face

Coffee. Who hates coffee? I mean it has been long since something we like actually being proven scientifically best for our health. According to Harvard researchers it is estimated that 400,000 people take two cups of coffee a day, which as stated, reduces 10% mortality rate in men and 15% in women. Studies have confirmed that strong consumption of coffee lower the risks of attacks from heart attack, diabetes, respiratory diseases and other conditions.

How to have a wrinkle free face
Coffee being a complex concoction, caffeine is not the only element but chlorogeric acid which functions as anti-oxidant which fight against cell injury .Well did you know that anti-oxidants prevent aging? Now you know .Instead of spending huge bills on anti-oxidants coffee will do you the trick, in addition coffee contains Bioactive compounds ligeis , quinides, trignelline and magnesium which reduces insulin resistance and systemic inflammation .

NOTE: its not caffeine that helpful so don’t take energy drinks expecting same results

and that’s  How to have a wrinkle free face

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